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Strothertowne Pet Hospital


Strothertowne Pet Hospital is a new business being run by an old hand at veterinary medicine, Dr. Warren B. Jones, DVM.  Dr. Jones is our vet of choice for our Great Danes.  Warren has worked closely with me through small issues such as standard immunizations up to and including life-or-death emergency surgeries.  While Dr. Jones is in business to make a living and feed his family, he is in veterinary medicine because he truly cares about his patients, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to give his patients quality of life.  I have seen far too many veterinarians whose only purpose is to wring a few more dollars out of a pet owner, and who really don't give a damn about the animal involved.  I have worked with Dr. Jones through the night as he fought to save a dog of mine, only to see him start work at normal office hours and work all day, without missing a beat.  Warren is one of my personal heroes and a true humanitarian.  If it were in my power, I'd give Dr. Jones a medal for what he does, but he's so humble I doubt he would accept it.  If you are looking for a First Class Veterinarian in the Kansas City area to give your pet the care they deserve, then look no further than Dr. Warren Jones and Strothertowne Pet Hospital in Lees Summit, Mo.  You can click the link above to visit his website, or simply call: 816-524-7200 for an appointment.  "Trusted Care From Our Heart, For Those That Have Your Heart"