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Welcome To The Skald's Corner 


Skalds were poets, musicians, advisers, teachers and most importantly they were the oral historians who preserved the knowledge of their race.  Kings worried what Skalds would say of them, and very often, they were the ones who judged a man's character as being a hero or villain.  By their recitations of their stories, they passed the entire record of their people from one generation to the next until such time that this knowledge was recorded in writing.  Because of them, we know of heroes, villains, family genealogies, wars, religion, social structure and origin.  This section is dedicated to all those skalds without whose work we would know nothing, and who sadly enough are still mostly unknown themselves, because they considered the story more important than the storyteller.



The Elder Futhark Alphabet


Norse-Viking Recipes




Burnt Njal Saga


Kormak's Saga


Laxdaela Saga


The Nibelungenlied


The Volsunga Saga


William The Conqueror


Ivar The Viking





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